MTPC Work Request

This form is for individuals who know, love, and work in the historic and beautiful Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church building!

With 35,000+ sq ft of space, there is always something to fix, improve, or change. We want to do our best to steward this community resource well, and we could use as much help as possible! The first step in helping is letting us know what you see. This form will help us share what we see more efficiently and effectively.

As you know, we are a limited staff working with an unlimited list of issues and concerns, and since we have no dedicated facilities staff, all work is volunteer work! So if you’re able to contribute to the project in any way (labor, finances, equipment research, etc), you would be helping the project move much more quickly.

Since we are in a historic, quirky, and shared space, please refrain from contributing help without connecting and collaborating with the MTPC & Taborspace staff first. Due to the sheer volume of issues that arise with the use of an aged and aging building, our Buildings & Grounds Committee will be prioritizing the projects.

Thank you for caring for the amazing resource we share with each other and so many others!

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