Volunteer Opportunities

The purpose of Taborspace is help cultivate connected community. One of the best ways we know to do that is to provide quality job training opportunities. We offer multiple avenues for volunteering and gaining experience that can help someone build their resume, network with other nonprofits and businesses, connect with their community, and just have fun with good people while working in a beautiful place.

Volunteer Barista Training Program

For years, the Taborspace Coffeehouse has been providing a high level of barista and coffee shop training. 

Volunteer Barista Trainees have gone on to find employment with some of the highest end coffee shops in Portland, while others have even taken their experience here to create their own businesses, and still others have just simply volunteered as a way to enrich their own lives and community. There is an incredible history here and an exciting future! 

Teamed up with a trainer, volunteer baristas will quickly get a handle on the various odds and ends and ins and outs of being a great barista in an incredible neighborhood. To apply, please fill out our Barista Volunteer Form.

Office administration internship

In 2017, Taborspace introduced a new internship opportunity for those seeking to build a resumé in office administrative work and be a part of a community presence and effort.

Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding and representing Taborspace

  • Aiding Taborspace staff in cultivating connected community more effectively

  • Communicating our mission, knowing how to articulate

  • Being familiar with and communicating our policies

  • Answering phones

  • Relaying messages

  • Hosting tours of the facilities for guest and potential space users

  • Prepping spaces and welcoming space users


  • Experience and knowledge of Google Calendar and Docs

  • Genuine care for community and the details that go into cultivating it

  • A skill for written and verbal communication

 If you're someone who enjoys people, multitasking, and are motivated to help others, please fill out our Online Volunteer Application Form.

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The amazing Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church building is over 100 years old. It is such a beautiful sacred space that thousands enjoy every week for studying, meeting with others, working, or meditating. In order to keep our rates as low as possible, we need to rely on the skills, talents, and contributions of volunteers in our community. Do you enjoy yard work, painting, cleaning, building, fixing, or any other activity that could be a physical contribution to Taborspace? If so, please fill out our Online Volunteer Application Form and let us know how you might be able to partner with us!