All space users are required to read this form in its entirety. 

Taborspace will hold a deposit in the form of a $50 check or by card ($250 for weddings and events with 100+ in attendance). The deposit can be applied at the discretion of Taborspace management.

You (the space user, renter, or group facilitator) will sign this form when confirming your event, and leave a card or $50 check on file. If your group does not comply with our policies listed on this form, we will deposit the check on file or charge the card on file the full $50. If all of our policies are followed, the scheduler will void and shred the check.


We are a DIY event venue + community space. You and/or your group are responsible for set-up and cleanup.
Rooms must be cleaned after events. This includes carpet sweeping, taking out the trash/recycling, and wiping down the tables and chairs.
Rooms may be rearranged (with the exception of the Conference Room and Library), but must be cleaned and returned to their original layout. Furniture may not be moved out of rooms without prior arrangements.
You and/or your group are only allowed to use the room(s) you have rented.
Should any of these policies be violated, the full deposit will be charged to the card on file.

Due to the number of events we have happening at Taborspace during any given day, signage is limited to what is already provided (chalkboards at entry and most rooms). Any additional posting of signage is prohibited unless an arrangement has been made with the Community Events Coordinator beforehand.

We do not allow the following on the premises:
- Alcohol (without prior authorization from church, insurance, permits, TS staff server)
- Smoking (please refrain from smoking near the building + clean up your butts)
- Narcotics
- Weapons
- Incense/sage/smudging
- Summoning of Spirits
- Candles Without Containers
- Smoke Machines/Smoke Effects
- Duct tape on the floor or walls (blue painters tape is okay)
- Sand
- Mylar Balloons
- Glitter
- Rose Petals
- Birdseed
- Unapproved signage
- Anything that could interact with our fire alarm system

We are a shared community space, and ask that you and your guests keep indoor noise at considerate levels at all times, but also ask all guests to be aware of the likelihood of some noise due to the nature of our being a community space.

All children must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times throughout the entire building and grounds. We do not allow running in the building, and ask that children walk carefully and use inside voices.
Keys are not given to any space user.

As a community, we believe in doing our part to reduce waste. Please note and use the nearest recycle bin for any and all recyclable waste from your event(s). If trashcans are filled with recyclable material after an event, the host will be charged the $50 cleaning deposit fee. If you need help locating the nearest bin, ask anyone on the Taborspace staff to help!

We partner in using this historic church building with Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, a Christian congregation committed to bridge-building and conversation with all faiths. Out of respect for this historic faith tradition, there are certain events we may request to have more conversation about, ask to revise, or decide they are not the best fit here in order to maintain a healthy relationship with this congregation.

As a community space, we are shaping a culture that encourages the well-being of all people from every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith/religion, ability, age, access to resources, and life-situation. We welcome all people, but not all behaviors. If someone’s behavior violates our safer space agreement or shows disregard for the facility, they will be instructed to leave the premises.

Event space can be rented 9:00am-9:00pm Monday - Friday, 8:45am-9:00pm on Saturday and 1:00pm-7:00pm on Sunday. There are some exceptions for Copeland Commons and the Sanctuary.
Our main entrance is located between 54th and 55th in our courtyard, facing Belmont Street.
An event host is on staff at all hours of operation. If you need assistance, you can find them in our main office- located on the main level to the left of the front lobby entrance. If the event host is not present, you may call our security line (# located on the main office door).
In an effort to maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors, please use our parking lot located on 54th and Belmont. If the lot is full, please be mindful of our neighbors’ driveways.

In keeping with our DIY model, we do not manage event publicity. You are also welcome to bring in 1 flyer, no larger than 8 ½ x 11, to put on our community bulletin board in the coffee house. We do ask that you spell Taborspace correctly. :)

For a 95% refund, cancellation must be made 30 days prior to the reserved date. We keep 5% to cover our staff time and bank processing fees.
- A credit of 95% will be applied to events postponing with a notification 30+ days in advance of the reserved date.

For a 75% refund, cancellation must be made 14-29 days prior to the reserved date.
- A credit of 75% will be applied to events postponing with a notification of 14-29 days in advance of the reserved date.

For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made 2-13 days prior to the reserved date
- A credit of 50% will be applied to events postponing with a notification of 2-13 days in advance of the reserved date.

If a cancellation is given within 48 hours, there will be no refund.
- No credit or refund will be applied to events postponing with a notification of less than 48 hours in advance of the reserved date.

Each week payment is delayed (a 7 day grace period), 15% of your total rental fees will be added to your invoice. This fee will be compounded each week a payment is late. We are always working to provide an inclusive, affordable venue space for our community, and we appreciate your part in ensuring our success.

All checks returned by our bank will receive an added processing fee of $20 to the original invoice.

During snow and ice seasons, Taborspace may need to close for the safety of event space users as well as our staff. Our internal policy is to follow the Portland Public School closures, though we may choose to remain open. If your event happens to fall on one of these days, we will reschedule your event at no additional cost or issue a 50% refund if you choose to cancel the event entirely.

If your event is interested in serving alcohol you will need permission from the church, proof of insurance, a permit from OLCC (if you are intending to sell any alcohol), and to pay an hourly rate of $25 for a Taborspace staff member to serve. Only beer, wine, and champagne is permitted on the church premises. All attendees will be limited to 2 drinks or less, managed and served by OLCC licensed Taborspace staff member.

Taborspace and Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church are not responsible for theft or loss of any property or belongings brought onto the church property (including the parking lot). Users are expected to take reasonable precautions to protect both personal and church property from loss and damage.
Users assume the risks for liability resulting from injury to persons using the facilities during a non-congregational-sponsored event. Users will also reimburse the church for any damage to church property or equipment resulting from the organization’s or individual’s use of the facility. Taborspace staff reserve the right to deny service to any groups who direct disrespectful actions in opposition to any of our Safer Space or otherwise policies toward our staff and community members.