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Stuart Perrin on “Finding the Light” // Copeland Commons

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New York-based meditation and spiritual master Stuart Perrin will give a free public talk on “Finding the Light: Deep Inner Work.” He will share how to use meditation to connect to the spiritual light and energy of wisdom and compassion. Stuart will take questions from the audience, followed by a book-signing meet-and-greet featuring his new book “Light in Jerusalem.”

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Beginners welcome!

Stuart Perrin (— an American spiritual master who has been quietly teaching small groups of students around the world for more than forty years— is a direct disciple of Swami Rudrananda (, more commonly known as Rudi. Stuart studied six years with Rudi, and was by his side at the moment of Rudi’s death in an airplane crash in 1973. Stuart has meditation centers in New York where he offers classes and lectures; he also offers 2-day meditation intensives around the country throughout the year.

The meditation Stuart teaches— as he learned it from Rudi— is direct and powerful. It is an open-eye form of kundalini yoga meditation and teaches one to absorb Spiritual Energy, or Shakti, directly into one’s chakra or psychic muscle system. In so doing one learns to burn the tension and difficulty of both daily living and one’s inner condition, and transform all of it into a spiritual life. To “take what’s killing you and make it give you life” is the heart of both what Rudi taught and what Stuart teaches today. The goal of this deep inner work is to become a spiritually enlightened person, a person living a profoundly sane and happy life, expressing the amazing depths of one’s full humanity.