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Reimagining Recovery // Conference Room

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This is the second brainstorming/planning session for a new type of support group. Visit my group to learn more and get involved!

This group is for people wanting to be involved in creating a community around recovery in Portland, Oregon. We're striving to create an alternative model to 12-step programs, SMART recovery, Refuge Recovery, and more. What makes this project unique? We want to start a group which puts the focus on recovery for EVERYONE, whether or not you identify as having mental health or addiction issues. There will be classes and discussion focused on practical coping skills, grounding and mindfulness practices, self care, how to set boundaries, self-empowerment-- really, things that everyone could stand to learn or brush up on. These are the things you learn in a clinical setting when dealing with substance use and mental health struggles, and that knowledge is essentially out of reach for the under-insured and people who just don't require a stay in the hospital. This project is essentially about accessibility to quality, evidence-based recovery methodologies. "Take what works and leave the rest" is the starting premise rather than an afterthought so that a wide variety of classes can be taught. For people struggling with addictions, complete abstinence and harm reduction are presented as viable options, while gently encouraging dialectical abstinence: using harm reduction strategies until you are ready and have enough coping skills for full abstinence (if that is what you are wanting).

All of this is being presented as an ongoing experiment, and subject to change. We want to empower others to start similar groups where they are and adapt them to that particular community's needs. Join the conversation!