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Peace Village Camp 6/25-6/28 // Annex

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Peace Village camp is for children ages 6-10.  Camp runs from 9-3pm daily.


With over twenty years of experience, Peace Village teaches children, youth, and families practical and concrete skills in conflict resolution, empathy, creating inner peace, connecting with the natural world, and collaborative leadership. 

The Peace Village curriculum is focused on using the first three classes, Mindfulness, Connecting with Nature, and Media Literacy to prepare students for the development of real skill with our fourth class in Conflict Resolution. 

We focus on teaching students to build inner strength as they learn to transform conflict and become mindful peace builders. Peace Village empowers each person to make significant changes in the world.  Since its inception, thousands of people have participated in our programs throughout the nation. Peace Village creates a place to come together, to learn, and to practice peace building.