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Northwest Nibbles: All About Sourdough! // Kitchen


What a wonder it is to create your own bread, from flour to table, YUM! We'll be going full sourdough on this one. 

We'll go thru the kneading process and send you home with your ready to rise loaf. Since sourdough is different from bakers yeast breads it requires a longer proofing time. You'll be taking your shaped loaf home to rise and bake.

Each participant will take home their own sourdough starter and learn how to feed, grow and change your bread. Sourdough is such a technical bread, so come and learn all the trick of the trade. You'll not only leave with a sourdough starter but two recipes! One for the bread of course, and another for an alternative sourdough starter recipe! Did you know you can make things from coffee cake to pancakes with the starter? I know, your mind is blown right?!

Lets not stop there, If you have a gluten sensitivity, sourdough may be your saving grace! Some people who have gluten sensitivities can tolerate sourdough bread! Sourdough requires a longer rise time to allow the breakdown of the proteins (gluten in wheat) into amino acids, making it easier to digest! If you've had store bought sourdough and still have had a sensitivity, don't give up. Home made is another ball park.

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