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1st Portland Mini Happy Fest!

Celebrating the International Happiness Day (March 21), the Portland Happiness Center invites you to the 1st Portland MINI HAPPY FEST!

The word Happiness is taking the World by storm. But what about our World - our loved Portland?

Join us to celebrate a happier life, where we can live in place where people respect each other, celebrate diversity, and have a beautiful and supportive community around us.

Inspiring Talks and Performances from:


+Rodrigo Baena, founder of the Portland Happiness Center

+Logan Sullivan, humanitarian, advocate, and IMPACTivist

+Lewis Child, multi-instrumentalist, song-writer

+Katherine Calvert, LCSW, MSW, teacher, Strong Together

+Stefano Iaboni, actor, comedian, laughter therapist

+and more!



$20 donation in advance

$25 at the door

We want this event to be accessible to as many people as possible. So if you can't afford the recommended $20 donation, or would like to give more, then you can make a donation of your choice instead. Thanks for your support

Funds raised for local projects and non-profits

Tickets at


Saturday, March 17th, from 3pm till 5pm

@ the Sanctuary of the Taborspace