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Battling burn out: 5 keys to go from burn out to revitalized

  • Taborspace 5441 Southeast Belmont Street Portland, OR, 97215 United States (map)

5 Keys to go from burnout to re-energized.

Happiness doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Stress, unknown illnesses, unexplained tiredness, emotional slumps, mental fog, and overall discomfort in our bodies can keep us from living our most full, healthy and joyful lives.

You don’t have to live with that stuff forever.

This 2 Hour workshop is for you if…

*You are a woman

*You ever have doubts about yourself or your health

*You are between the ages of 25 and 97

*You want to feel good in your skin, happy in your life and in control of your wellness and wellbeing

This is also for you if….

*You aspire to create optimal health

*You are ready to release pain, discomfort, dis-ease, and limiting beliefs about your body

*You want to stop using food to stifle your emotions (we all do it, but we don’t have to)

*You want to generate more lasting energy, everyday

*You’ve had enough of the beauty industry standards pulling you down

*You’re tired of the shame/blame/name-calling game that prevails in our society

*You want to take back your life.

It’s time.

You deserve to feel good and feel happy.

One of the biggest problems we face as women, is that we get used to the negative self-talk and the unhappy body images we adopt, so much so, that we are numb to its effects on us.

I hate when I see women downplaying a compliment or brushing off acknowledgement because they’re so uncomfortable receiving positive praise.

You may not even know what is possible in your life, and in your relationship to your health and body, because you’ve spent so long avoiding giving it the attention it deserves.

Am I right?

What I’ve seen with my clients is not just increased productivity and energy in their lives, but also better health, higher libido, weight-loss, deeper relationships and a BIG increase in confidence and self love!

All this from discovering how your Body and Mind are functioning, and doing what it takes to shift things!

It’s time to get the full road map with the tools and guidance to achieve lifetime success!

In this 2 Hour Workshop, you will learn how to:

- Generate powerful and lasting energy all day long

- Cultivate compassion and love for yourself

- Find satisfying foods that actually nourish and fuel your body

- Understand the gift in your food cravings

- Improve physical ailments from the inside out! From Mindset, to Gut-Health & Mental-Acuity