New Public Events Calendar Coming!

We've heard people asking for an online Taborspace event calendar and wanted to let everyone know, we like it! We'd like to introduce the new online Public Events calendar.  We are regularly posting free and ticketed events open to the public that are happening at Taborspace.

If you're looking for a specific kind of event, the calendar will have searchable categories, like concert, family, education, recovery, and more!

This update will come with an optional small fee of $15 to event organizers. Included in that fee is:

  • Taborspace adds the event to the online public calendar

    • averages 3000-4000 visits per month, 120 average per day

  • A custom sharable link is generated for the event organizers to use on their social media and promotions

  • The events are included in Taborspace general emails and event group Facebook posts

  • The event is searchable by category on (family, concert, education, recovery, etc)

  • For an additional $35, Taborspace staff will help create a promotional design for your event!

  • $15 will also cover courses for up to 5 events max, as long as the information doesn't require changing for each day.

  • Recurring events get added to our Weekly Events calendar at no cost!


Here's a glimpse at the Public Events Calendar!

Miss Ella's Ballet School

In January 2017, Miss Ella made the leap (pun intended) into creating her own ballet school at Taborspace. She and her family were here welcoming families, teaching ballet, and sometimes teaching French! We love seeing folks like Miss Ella make strides in following their dreams and helping children expand their worlds and skills.

Miss Ella's French Baby Ballet happens at Taborspace every Saturday, with classes beginning at 9am. For more information, click here!

The Force & Taborspace!

We have a wonderful weekly Family & Kids event at Taborspace in Room 05 called Wild Force Yoga for kids. They take lessons from Star Wars and The Jedi Life about calming our minds and overcoming doubt while practicing yoga. Fox 12 recently did a feature on this class and you can view it here!

Wild Force Yoga happens at Taborspace every Sunday at 1:30 in Room 05 and you can register your child online.

Welcome to the new!

We are excited to roll out our new website! We've been working hard at updating our online presence and simplifying our process for renting space. The first change we've made is placing our Space Rental Inquiry Form directly in the top right corner of every page, making access easier. We've also updated information about our volunteer opportunities, which includes:

  • Volunteer Barista Training
  • Admin and Office Management Training
  • Campus Work Days

There are quite a few additional minor changes we've made, and I'm sure there will be many more to come, but we couldn't wait any longer! We look forward to continuing to make connecting with us easier and more intuitive. Please let us know your thoughts and how are might be able to help even more!

Every Friday: 10AM with Mr Ben!

Every Friday we are happy to host 10AM with Mr Ben at Taborspace! Mr Ben performs acoustic music for kids that is educational, fun, and interactive. Come on in for a cup of coffee or tea, some fun music for your children, and a chance to meet many other parents from all over Portland.

While we normally host 10AM with Mr Ben in the Dining Room, when it's been reserved we move into the Sanctuary!

While we normally host 10AM with Mr Ben in the Dining Room, when it's been reserved we move into the Sanctuary!