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Family & Kids

Family & Kids


Taborspace partners with Music Together who offer classes 6 days a week throughout most of the year!
Visit their website for more information and booking classes.


10am - Family Concert with Red Yarn
1pm - Baby Sign Language in Play


10am -  Baby Sign Language in Play
5:30pm - Shorinji Kempo Kids Martial Arts


10am - Family Concert with Mo Phillips


9:45am - Tiny Talkers: Sign, Sing & Play
11am - Music Movement & Signing for Preschoolers
4:45pm - Tiny Talkers - Sign, Sing & Play


10am - Taborspace presents: 10AM with MR BEN!
10am - Baby Sign Language (First Fridays)
11am - Spanish BabyTime PDX

Keep checking back for more Family & Kids events happening weekly at Taborspace!